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Back x Ghost Busters x Medical Attention

Holy crap it's good to be back here. Gon and I were going stir crazy. And Giselle makes such good food. Oh man, you can not live off roots and mushrooms no matter what Gon says. Apparently we need to train. I do NOT want to be in that kind of situation ever again.

So now that we're back, I hear America and the other guys on his boat are getting here today? Which means catching ghosts! I think Fran got rid of the slimy one, I don't want to know how, but I did see stuff go floating across the room so one's still around. It keeps hiding my yoyos.

Oh yeah, Fran, Gon needs you to check out his arm, he got stupid while we were gone and decided to see how strong he was. Anyway, I only managed to stop him AFTER he got his arm broken.

What'd I miss?

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Ah-- thank you for welcoming us so warmly.

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Ah, I am Toris Laurinaitis. But you may call me Lithuania.

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Ah! ... I'd like to talk to you.. but not when I look like this.

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Oh? I'm sorry. I do not know you. Do you have business with me?

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.. yes you know me sort of. But uh..

I'm really sorry, I'm not in my own body right now.

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It's uh.. a little embarrassing. But I'm Ipin? I don't suppose you'd remember me. I'll find you when I'm right again.

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Ahh I owe you an apology.

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We're... not really sure. I hope it's almost done though. I miss my own body.

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Ah well technically occasionally. But nothing I can't handle. Thank you for your concern. It's just awkward. And .. well ... embarrassing.

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I'm sorry you have to go through something like that, Miss Ipin.

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Why are you still talking like that?

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Because it's totally more noticeable and I didn't want to have to like...make a new rule or anything.

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Don't you think you should be more considerate towards Miss Ipin? She was trying to be nice.

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That's a girl?

Kind of a manly girl.

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I stopped offering. I'm sorry I offended. you.

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I totally see your nosebleed icon!

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Yes... Lambo does not have many appropriate expression icons.

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