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Back x Ghost Busters x Medical Attention

Holy crap it's good to be back here. Gon and I were going stir crazy. And Giselle makes such good food. Oh man, you can not live off roots and mushrooms no matter what Gon says. Apparently we need to train. I do NOT want to be in that kind of situation ever again.

So now that we're back, I hear America and the other guys on his boat are getting here today? Which means catching ghosts! I think Fran got rid of the slimy one, I don't want to know how, but I did see stuff go floating across the room so one's still around. It keeps hiding my yoyos.

Oh yeah, Fran, Gon needs you to check out his arm, he got stupid while we were gone and decided to see how strong he was. Anyway, I only managed to stop him AFTER he got his arm broken.

What'd I miss?

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It seems there's been a rash of strange happenings aboard the SDF. I take it you have yet to determine why these ghosts have decided to take up residence?

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Oh~! Darling~! Your beauty astounds me~!

What do you say to a night with me in the supply closet with some saltines and homemade gin?

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I can think of a few places that might be a bit more accommodating than a supply closet. Is that really the best you can do?

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Well, you see, the last time I was anywhere I recognized the supply closet was all the rage for the young couples to find love~.

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So either you're not clever enough to find your own secret hideaway, or you give in to peer pressure easily. Interesting.

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More like there's not many secret hideaways at a MASH station.

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MASH? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that term.

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Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. I was stationed in South Korea at the 4077th.

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So you're either a doctor or a soldier.

South Korea? You wouldn't happen to be acquainted with those people who claim to actually be countries, would you? That seems like a name that one of them would have.

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A doctor who loves to play doctor~.

People with countries for names? Someone wasn't feeling creative after giving birth.

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I already have a highly capable doctor. And he's much cuter than you.

Indeed. Though I get the impression that they're spies, since they do all have regular, given names as well.

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He's telling the truth! It's a rare; you should take it as a compliment.

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My mustache takes grave offense to that remark!

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And I take grave offense to your mustache.

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Oh, I'm wounded! Man down! Someone's going to have to operate!

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Strangely, I get the impression that he uses that line on almost anyone female.

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Only the pretty ones, ma'am. He gets inventive after a few drinks.

ooc: I don't remember if they've talked to each other yet or not. >.>

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Nico Robin. I had to make a few changes to my appearance in order to attend Garp's party this weekend.

ooc: alright then.

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I'm one of the Strawhat Pirates.

I apologize for randomly posting comments in your journal without properly introducing myself. During the ship swap I found myself on board the Sweet Death Submarine, and I noticed that a couple of your tags mentioned that fleet.

And what's your name?