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Back x Ghost Busters x Medical Attention

Holy crap it's good to be back here. Gon and I were going stir crazy. And Giselle makes such good food. Oh man, you can not live off roots and mushrooms no matter what Gon says. Apparently we need to train. I do NOT want to be in that kind of situation ever again.

So now that we're back, I hear America and the other guys on his boat are getting here today? Which means catching ghosts! I think Fran got rid of the slimy one, I don't want to know how, but I did see stuff go floating across the room so one's still around. It keeps hiding my yoyos.

Oh yeah, Fran, Gon needs you to check out his arm, he got stupid while we were gone and decided to see how strong he was. Anyway, I only managed to stop him AFTER he got his arm broken.

What'd I miss?

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Serves them right for underestimating forces they don't understand.

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That is true... Research would be best in situations like this.

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That would be the last thing they do what with the bloody "hero" in charge.

...Gilbert's told me that our ship is ready.

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Ah, of course. I had not factored in America-san.

Will you two be departing soon then?

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The git can't even watch a scary movie without having to sleep in someone's bed, let alone do anything about "catching" one.

I think we may be, yes.

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Yes, I have had... the pleasure of staying up with America-san a few times to watch those movies. He is quite jittery on the subject.

What a shame, I have enjoyed England-san's company. I wish you luck on your new journey.

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He's an idiot is what he is.

I do hope you will not be lonely while I am gone.

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I should be fine. It will be strange readjusting though. I have gotten used to your presence.

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Of course, England-san. You have been with us for quite a while now, after all.

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I do not know exactly when we will be departing but perhaps we could maybe spend a little more time together before we do leave.

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I would like that very much.

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I-I would too. Would you like to do anything in particular?

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Perhaps we could cook something together for everyone. I imagine they have gotten much too used to just pasta.

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I'll make the scones!

But is there anything Japan would like to eat?

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I find myself craving sweets lately, strangely.

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...I'll be sure to make sweet scones then.

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Ah, you do not need to do such a thing for me. If anything, I should be the one asking what you would like to eat, England-san.

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Don't misunderstand. I feel like something sweet myself. I'll just sweeten up my scones a bit.

I wouldn't mind some curry.

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Ah, of course.

A good choice. Perhaps it can be a special curry, for your departure.

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I wanted to try out a new recipe. Green tea curry.

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Tea flavored curry? That's brilliant.