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May. 3rd, 2009 12:16 pm
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Who: Killua and Reborn
What: Training + politeness transfer
Where: Vongola Ship
When: Saturday night after the party
other Yeah I know most people are getting their powers back, so uh... if you magically want your politeness back Killua will give it to you in a heartbeat. Ipin has whatever Fujiko had when she gave the gun ability back last night(apparently Japan's love of 2d) and is still looking for her Kung Fu. Reborn got Giselle's singing, reply to him in comments if you want it back Giselle ♥ (most of these are pending logs finish from other people from Saturday so if you're like WAIT I HAVE THAT BRAT! XD sorry!)

Woah, you don't just sound like Martha Stewart, you make awesome hot chocolate like her too! )
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That's right me. I'm mostly gonna keep positions like Ipin had them, that was easy enough to follow.

Still sailing with the Vongola.

We're picking up Lithuania in about two hours and then another half hour to Fujiko's special island.

We'll stay there till Wednesday then I've got some plans of my own for us. Keep your ears open. Nami I know you like this kind of thing, let me know if you want in.

Also... I think the smiling dude is still on the ship. May let him stay if he can do other useful things. Seriously... teleporting. That's badass.
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Agito you son of a bitch, don't think you won't pay for that.

Also Lemon Meringue stings like crap in open wounds.

Fran, is Chrome better?

Also this is hilarious. Too bad they don't have kids. Or my hairstyle.
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Originally wrote this in character but then realized she wouldn't actually post this stuff up for everyone to see, she'd have a meeting between the two crews. Tsuna, assume you were at least THERE even if you didn't give much input. XD Mostly I assume it was Reborn and Ipin planning this.

Use this post to make suggestions, plan things out with the people you'll involve yourself with. If you want a fair -unbiased- result I suggest again using dice: here or here. If you want to throw one die each you both put in 1d6 rolled once. If one person wants to roll for both of you and the other just claim first or second die, then it's 2d6 for one roll.


These are not set in stone these are just Ipin's PLANS she will be busy during the exercise and unable to FORCE people to go where she's said.

Tsuna as you know, Mr. Reborn has asked me to leave Xanxus to you during the operation. Although Gon will back you up.

Mr. Yamamoto will be asked to seek out Squalo and apply his training to keep Squalo occupied for the duration of the operation. Should he need assistance, Lal Mirch will back him up.

If Miss Chrome has not returned to our ship in time to join the fight, Killua and Akito will deal with Mammon. Otherwise Chrome will be fighting Mammon with Ken and Chikusa as backup. Killua and Agito will be floats. (With emphasis on Killua keeping Akito in check)

Belphegor will be left to Mr. Gokudera. Colennello will be your backup.

Jyabura will be fighting with Mr. Lussuria. Fujiko is your backup.

America is assigned dealing with the threat of Mello. Mr. Ianto may back him up if he chooses to stay out the week.

Mr. Spanner is to find some manner of keeping Achillies (the liger) occupied should he try to fight any of our crew.

I'll deal with Mr. Matt. Lambo is a float, to help where necessary, although he'll be my assistant until a need arises.

It is currently assumed that Kuroyanagi, Sunako and Kamiyama are non-combatant. If they choose to engage, Nanami should break from her requested activity to lend her support. Mr. Ryouga can back her up if he'd like to join in.

Mr. Reborn has requested to observe, although I am asking him to back Miss Nanami up should the need arise.

Ipin hasn't gotten a good feel for Mashiro but if Mashiro requests it, she can join in the fight against Belphegor.
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