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That's right me. I'm mostly gonna keep positions like Ipin had them, that was easy enough to follow.

Still sailing with the Vongola.

We're picking up Lithuania in about two hours and then another half hour to Fujiko's special island.

We'll stay there till Wednesday then I've got some plans of my own for us. Keep your ears open. Nami I know you like this kind of thing, let me know if you want in.

Also... I think the smiling dude is still on the ship. May let him stay if he can do other useful things. Seriously... teleporting. That's badass.
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We've set anchor to the west of port, just beyond that bluff.  I'm coming in on the longboat and Gon's gonna stay and guard the ship.  If anyone else wants to go ashore with me, speak up now.

As for those of you on shore, keep an eye out.


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