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I was sick or something. Seriously. I don't want to hear about it.

We already picked up the really polite guy with chick hair and the kid that Fujiko's in love with, so apparently we're picking up the tall flaily guy in an hour, the short girl with the disturbing rabbit thing by noon tomorrow, and it looks like the chick with the disturbing starfish thing should be an afternoon pickup.

Why the hell did you guys let me run around inviting everyone?! Can they DO anything? They better be able to help. NEW PEOPLE you get latrine duty for the first week. Lowest on the totem pole and all that.
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OK Pipsqueek, you've had your fun. I want the ring off. I never asked for a stupid flowery dumb looking girly ring and I don't want it.

Illumi, are you even on the ship anymore? I hope you came out of that closet because it's gonna start to smell.

Apparently we're picking up a whiny girly dude, you should have checked first to see if he'd be worthwhile on the boat Gon.

May I just say, I do not miss my robes. At all. Although I do kind of miss the spyrock.

Apparently there's a contest where you can win a bunch of money for making bread. So figure I can enter. I'm better than Gon at least. Although one of the judges is a peacock. So uh... well I won't complain, it's a lot of money.

Anyone seen Ipin? Nice legs shirt...
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Hey captain! I don't know why I'm bothering to ask but Tohru said she'd pick some guy up, give the order or something dude.

The truth or dare game was pretty fun. We should do it again sometime. Everyone ask Ace to see his newest tattoo!

Miruki you lazy piece of shit, answer your cell phone! I don't care how close you are to cracking into the new Warcraft Liche King test area! I need to know if you can work up a remote for a Kawasaki BK117 C-2 helicopter! I can pay. Just get the hell back to me. If you don't I swear I'll come back and burn your damn Nurse Nanako figure.
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