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This effects Killua, Ipin and Gon and Nanami (and Richard but he's MIA anyway). Nav and I have a wedding to attend out of state and while we leave Tuesday all the last minute stuff is piling up so we're pretty much going to be missing (and have already started to be missing) from now until next Mondayish (6/22). Killua and Gon will be taking a side mission on the SD schooner based on a clue they found about Gon's dad. This effectively writes them out for the time being. Jyabura and Fujiko can take over main care of the SDC in our absence.

Ipin I'm having take a mission from her master (sorry to move you a little but I didn't think you'd mind!) Assume she explained to Jyabura and Reborn before taking off. Unless someone needs our characters for anything planned out in the next week in which case, just reply here and we'll give you the yay or nay on it.

Nanami will be in her room recovering from the trauma of the invisible boat. And giving herself a very long pedicure.

((It's only a week so it shouldn't effect anything posting wise or we'd send an e-mail to the admins, this is just writing our characters out for while we're gone.))


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