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((In your computer hacking your private stuff))

So Sweet Death folks, I happen to be in possession of lots of useful maps, an Eternal Pose and the knowledge of how to use them! I'll get them to Lucci this afternoon.

Also, that sub better stay above water and have every window open because I'm sick of Gon looking all green and creepy when we have to visit it. In the meantime I bought a bunch of febreeze and stuck it on the deck so it'd be nice if people could... dunno, spray the crap out of it. Gon and I are staying on Jyabura's old ship until he can handle it. We're cleaning off the zombies and crap. It may take a few days. We can totally still be the first line of defense so no worries.

Had fun at the party. Did we pick up any new people?

If anyone out there sees my skateboard, let me know I want it back.
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It was actually pretty fun hanging out with Nami last night, even Hikaru got into the spirit of things with a little convincing. Chrome I still want to borrow your eye patch sometime! I'll totally let you borrow my skateboard if you want. The deck of the ship is just long enough to get up a good pace.

Hey Gon, I'm learning navigation! That's one point to me!

Anyone notice the anchor? It's broken clean in two, I wonder how that happened?
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