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Gon and I are spending time over on the Vongola ship training with Tsuna in the afternoons. I think we should put weights on him so he can train like Gon did. I bet someone can make him slippers and cups and stuff that weight thirty pounds. That'd build up strength fast.

OH! New captain rotations start Sunday! Sorry Lucci and Kaku, you guys don't get to participate this time around. I'm sure you'll get over it. We just went in alphabetical order and I left slots for if more people come on board. Since Dino's men all follow him anyway, his turn counts as theirs otherwise he'd get twenty turns and that's just not fair.

2/8 Belphegor
2/15 Dino
2/22 Fran - nurse
3/1 Fran - doctor
3/8 Gon
3/15 Ipin
3/22 Jyabura
3/29 Killua
4/5 L
4/12 Lambo
4/19 Marmon
4/26 Matt
5/3 Mello

And what the hell, I was walking down the hall today minding my own business and I totally got slimed. There wasn't even a bucket around. You don't think the ship is haunted... do you?
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We've set anchor to the west of port, just beyond that bluff.  I'm coming in on the longboat and Gon's gonna stay and guard the ship.  If anyone else wants to go ashore with me, speak up now.

As for those of you on shore, keep an eye out.


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