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That's right me. I'm mostly gonna keep positions like Ipin had them, that was easy enough to follow.

Still sailing with the Vongola.

We're picking up Lithuania in about two hours and then another half hour to Fujiko's special island.

We'll stay there till Wednesday then I've got some plans of my own for us. Keep your ears open. Nami I know you like this kind of thing, let me know if you want in.

Also... I think the smiling dude is still on the ship. May let him stay if he can do other useful things. Seriously... teleporting. That's badass.
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Gon and I are spending time over on the Vongola ship training with Tsuna in the afternoons. I think we should put weights on him so he can train like Gon did. I bet someone can make him slippers and cups and stuff that weight thirty pounds. That'd build up strength fast.

OH! New captain rotations start Sunday! Sorry Lucci and Kaku, you guys don't get to participate this time around. I'm sure you'll get over it. We just went in alphabetical order and I left slots for if more people come on board. Since Dino's men all follow him anyway, his turn counts as theirs otherwise he'd get twenty turns and that's just not fair.

2/8 Belphegor
2/15 Dino
2/22 Fran - nurse
3/1 Fran - doctor
3/8 Gon
3/15 Ipin
3/22 Jyabura
3/29 Killua
4/5 L
4/12 Lambo
4/19 Marmon
4/26 Matt
5/3 Mello

And what the hell, I was walking down the hall today minding my own business and I totally got slimed. There wasn't even a bucket around. You don't think the ship is haunted... do you?
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Whiny Cow and Pipsqueak are being punished. No untying them until they start following the rules.

We go Treasure hunting today. Dirty Old Man decided to hire himself out to another crew so let's try not to kill ourselves out there. Mr. Grumpy Pants and Stretchneck are going to shore, give them a list of any necessary items to pick up while they're off. I guess Stretchneck can stop wearing the ducksuit. The Enforcer gets to stay on the ship and watch over the two anarchists. NO UNTYING. Jesus. Little doll tells you to jump and you do, aren't you even embarrassed? Cookie Monster stays to make us meals.

Scaredy Cat's in charge of driving the Mini, Vlad and Big Bad Wolf have dangerous creatures duty, Bobblehead stays on the mini with Scaredy Cat because there's no suit tiny enough for her, she's his backup I guess. The rest of us hit the ocean floor. This is the last place about thirty ships were seen according to the news archives. Let's hope the mini has to make a few trips back with loads of treasure.
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Gon and I figure since we never really got a qualified captain to apply (yes I mean you) we might as well just let everyone go for a week and see how they do best one gets the job. So we tossed everyone's name in a hat and we'll just switch out every Monday based on the drawing.

That means you have to be on our boat the week you were drawn. If new people show up we'll do another drawing for them later on and mix them in.

9/8: Oishi
9/15: Jacuzzi
9/22: Killua
9/29: Lambo
10/6: Ipin
10/13: Kaku
10/20: Claire
10/27: Hisoka
11/3: Lucci
11/10: Tohru
11/17: Eriol
11/24: Richard
12/1: Jyabura
12/8: Gon
12/15: Firo

The boat is mostly clean, Richard saved bits of the zombies in a plastic bag so unless you like the smell of rotting flesh I just don't suggest trying to attack our boat. He's been aiming for people's mouths and he's not half bad at it.
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