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Fran, Dino asked if we could stay close to the Vongola for a while, I don't have a problem with it, and Reborn's fun to train with so if you don't care I'll keep the same heading as them.

Speaking of headings, if Tsuna doesn't care, apparently scitzo boy wants to race and he can't use his blades in the submarine so we'll probably hit the next island when we get there if you want to join us, let me know. It should be within the next few days if this map is still accurate. Hanging in there with all the weight?

Giselle, I left a bolt of cloth for you in the galley, on a dining table. Fujiko brought it last night. Sorry about the flour mess.

Fujiko, we obviously found #1 although it keeps running off again -_- also found the cuffs. Search continues this morning.

Lambo, Ipin and Gon, after breakfast we can keep looking. Lambo stop running off and hiding, it's not hide and seek! It took an hour to wash all the damn flour out of your hair. Next time I'll just DROWN you.
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OK so we've all had our little gripe session apparently in the anon meme thing I think it's time for a little love. OOC style because that's just too much vitriol for me.

All ooc
List off players/characters you enjoy interacting with
BE ANONYMOUS because anonymous things can be nice REALLY
Everyone needs a little love

I'll turn off IP logging but if you break the nice rule I'll delete you baby!
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((For the most part I expect to do this in rotations once each person joins in that'll set up the posting order unless someone wants to be skipped. So it may be easier for you all to actually put this post on notification so you can see when it's your turn! That way we all get a chance to respond. Let me know if that's not ok for you! Also you can post a ((skip)) to let people know that you're forfeiting that turn I've got it locked for now so I can format it nicely and re-post it when it's done!))

Killua hopped over the railing and swung a heavy duty duffel bag onto the deck. The wood creaked in protest underneath the bag and Killua landed lightly next to it, glancing around the deck before picking the duffel back up and calling out for their hosts. "Tsuna? Hey Tsuna! Reborn?" He could hear the rope ladder creaking behind him as Gon started his ascent.

Killua didn't even wait for a response yet, instead setting the bag down closer to the center of the deck and kneeling down to unzip it and start pulling the weights out for Tsuna. He lay them alongside the bag in order from head to foot, where they belonged.
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Gon and I are spending time over on the Vongola ship training with Tsuna in the afternoons. I think we should put weights on him so he can train like Gon did. I bet someone can make him slippers and cups and stuff that weight thirty pounds. That'd build up strength fast.

OH! New captain rotations start Sunday! Sorry Lucci and Kaku, you guys don't get to participate this time around. I'm sure you'll get over it. We just went in alphabetical order and I left slots for if more people come on board. Since Dino's men all follow him anyway, his turn counts as theirs otherwise he'd get twenty turns and that's just not fair.

2/8 Belphegor
2/15 Dino
2/22 Fran - nurse
3/1 Fran - doctor
3/8 Gon
3/15 Ipin
3/22 Jyabura
3/29 Killua
4/5 L
4/12 Lambo
4/19 Marmon
4/26 Matt
5/3 Mello

And what the hell, I was walking down the hall today minding my own business and I totally got slimed. There wasn't even a bucket around. You don't think the ship is haunted... do you?
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((In your computer hacking your private stuff))

So Sweet Death folks, I happen to be in possession of lots of useful maps, an Eternal Pose and the knowledge of how to use them! I'll get them to Lucci this afternoon.

Also, that sub better stay above water and have every window open because I'm sick of Gon looking all green and creepy when we have to visit it. In the meantime I bought a bunch of febreeze and stuck it on the deck so it'd be nice if people could... dunno, spray the crap out of it. Gon and I are staying on Jyabura's old ship until he can handle it. We're cleaning off the zombies and crap. It may take a few days. We can totally still be the first line of defense so no worries.

Had fun at the party. Did we pick up any new people?

If anyone out there sees my skateboard, let me know I want it back.
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It was actually pretty fun hanging out with Nami last night, even Hikaru got into the spirit of things with a little convincing. Chrome I still want to borrow your eye patch sometime! I'll totally let you borrow my skateboard if you want. The deck of the ship is just long enough to get up a good pace.

Hey Gon, I'm learning navigation! That's one point to me!

Anyone notice the anchor? It's broken clean in two, I wonder how that happened?
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So today I'm walking down the hallway, minding my own business when what to my wondering ears should I hear but Mello singing Christmas songs in the shower. Well you can't just let an opportunity like that pass you up so I got a digital recorder and caught Oh Holy Night just in time. Check it out. And seriously, listen all the way through. The end is epic.
Oh Holy Night, by Mello

Anyway, since the Christmas bug hit him we're going to steal a tree from some Island and decorate it. He says it's fun. I guess we'll see. Presents and chocolate sound good though. If we stop on that Christmas Island I'm eating people's houses. It's their own fault for living in food.

((Original file. "Artist" unknown.)
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OH MY GOD! I saw Richard for the first time since the clothing optional rule went into effect and I think I had a brain anyeurism! It was all just rotting skin and bone and I'll never be whole again!!

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OK Pipsqueek, you've had your fun. I want the ring off. I never asked for a stupid flowery dumb looking girly ring and I don't want it.

Illumi, are you even on the ship anymore? I hope you came out of that closet because it's gonna start to smell.

Apparently we're picking up a whiny girly dude, you should have checked first to see if he'd be worthwhile on the boat Gon.

May I just say, I do not miss my robes. At all. Although I do kind of miss the spyrock.

Apparently there's a contest where you can win a bunch of money for making bread. So figure I can enter. I'm better than Gon at least. Although one of the judges is a peacock. So uh... well I won't complain, it's a lot of money.

Anyone seen Ipin? Nice legs shirt...
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Uh... so any of the adults know how fast puberty is supposed to hit cause I got a beard to my knees and my hair's all long and I can't control my claws. They won't retract!!

And these robes attacked me and won't come back off!!

Ohh a shiny rock!


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If you see this person:


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We can remote control the helicopter now which is awesome guys. Happy birthday to Tsuna. What's the deal with the SDmini? It's all messy, who's been eating in there?

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
caffinatekillua goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as skeleton.
agent_wolf gives you 14 light orange cinnamon-flavoured nuggets.
friendlypirate gives you 13 milky white evil-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
illusiongames tricks you! You lose 2 pieces of candy!
janken_gon tricks you! You lose 20 pieces of candy!
justice_giraffe gives you 18 green grape-flavoured jawbreakers.
lambovine gives you 7 mottled green grape-flavoured nuggets.
osu_kasanoda gives you 9 purple blueberry-flavoured nuggets.
sailingcircus gives you 3 light orange coffee-flavoured nuggets.
scarlet_rails tricks you! You lose 30 pieces of candy!
scarletrozen gives you 1 milky white grape-flavoured jawbreakers.
caffinatekillua ends up with 13 pieces of candy.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Why am I not surprised about Mukuro?


My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
caffinatekillua goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as skeleton.
bite2death gives you 4 pink vanilla-flavoured gummy worms.
black_hat_cat gives you 16 brown chocolate-flavoured pieces of taffy.
pinzutimebomb gives you 1 light yellow cinnamon-flavoured jawbreakers.
rumbledeer gives you 14 red-orange root beer-flavoured gummy worms.
serving_love tricks you! You get a rock.
slaughterurwrld gives you 4 mauve lime-flavoured nuggets.
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tea_and_candies gives you 18 pink peach-flavoured pieces of taffy.
threeswordstyle gives you 17 light orange cinnamon-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
utskushiinanami tricks you! You get a wet rag.
caffinatekillua ends up with 89 pieces of candy, a rock, and a wet rag.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Eriol posted this one too Hallomeme )
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Hey captain! I don't know why I'm bothering to ask but Tohru said she'd pick some guy up, give the order or something dude.

The truth or dare game was pretty fun. We should do it again sometime. Everyone ask Ace to see his newest tattoo!

Miruki you lazy piece of shit, answer your cell phone! I don't care how close you are to cracking into the new Warcraft Liche King test area! I need to know if you can work up a remote for a Kawasaki BK117 C-2 helicopter! I can pay. Just get the hell back to me. If you don't I swear I'll come back and burn your damn Nurse Nanako figure.

Ok Morons

Sep. 28th, 2008 09:38 pm
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God I can't believe how many of you screwed up in the last two days. Check with Oishi for your punishment. Bobblehead, Mr. Grumpy Pants, The Enforcer and Vlad can sleep unless they're feeling particularly masochistic, no one else does tonight. You all are lucky I'm a NICE GUY. If I was a normal pirate captain I'd have you all freakin' whipped with a cat o' nine tails! I SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED IT! The rest of you idiots, meet on deck.

Whiney Cow is up next week and he'd better believe I'll give as good as I got.
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Whiny Cow and Pipsqueak are being punished. No untying them until they start following the rules.

We go Treasure hunting today. Dirty Old Man decided to hire himself out to another crew so let's try not to kill ourselves out there. Mr. Grumpy Pants and Stretchneck are going to shore, give them a list of any necessary items to pick up while they're off. I guess Stretchneck can stop wearing the ducksuit. The Enforcer gets to stay on the ship and watch over the two anarchists. NO UNTYING. Jesus. Little doll tells you to jump and you do, aren't you even embarrassed? Cookie Monster stays to make us meals.

Scaredy Cat's in charge of driving the Mini, Vlad and Big Bad Wolf have dangerous creatures duty, Bobblehead stays on the mini with Scaredy Cat because there's no suit tiny enough for her, she's his backup I guess. The rest of us hit the ocean floor. This is the last place about thirty ships were seen according to the news archives. Let's hope the mini has to make a few trips back with loads of treasure.
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OK Sweet Death Crew, it's my week so don't expect me to go as easy on you as the others did! Here's the Law of Esteemed Captain Killua!

Killua Code

1. Gon is the First Mate
2. Hisoka is the enforcer
3. The cooks have to wake the captain up at 10 every morning by singing
4. No emoing allowed
5. First Mate sleeps in the captian's quarters
6. The word ship is hereby banned. Only the captain may use this word.
7. Everyone is required to be on deck at 10:30am for morning exercises
8. The captain may only be referred to as the following: Esteemed Captain, Your Highness, Most Awesome One.
9. Starboard is now Port and Port is now Starboard. And you must refer to them as thus, no use of the words left or right.
10. Everyone has code names, and only may be referred to as such:
Esteemed Captain - same
First Mate: Alpha One
Tohru: Cookie Monster
Oishi: Magic Fingers
Jacuzzi: Scaredey Cat
Lambo: Whiney Cow
Ipin: Bobblehead
Kaku: Stretchneck
Claire: Vlad
Hisoka: Enforcer
Lucci: Mr. Grumpy Pants
Eriol: Dirty Old Man
Richard: Spaz
Jyabura: Big Bad Wolf
Firo: Mama's Boy
Shinku: Pipsqueak

11. Beets are hereby forbidden
12. Teatime is at 4pm sharp and chocolate cake is required. Everyone must come.
13. The word ocean is now banned, it may only be referred to as Botrychium virginianum, wet is now Comptosorous rhizophyllus and water is Psilotum.
14. Whenever you see the Esteemed Captain, you must salute until the captain says 'at ease'.
15. The proper salute is standing on one foot patting your head and rubbing your belly.
16. No stocking caps are allowed on board. If someone is wearing one, the crew may tie him up and break his glasses.
17. Hibari is not allowed on board. If he is found within a 1 mile radius of the Sweet Death, the crew is REQUIRED to capture him, disarm him, lock him in the brig and leave an Ipod out of reach playing Brittany Spears songs. If he likes this too much, the songs may be changed to Hanna Montana.
18. Rules may be added or changed at the Esteemed Captain's whim.
19. Any complaints about the rules are punishable by immediate insertion of soap into the complainer's mouth, followed by duct tape.
20. The Captain is exempt to all rules.
21. If you please the Esteemed captain, you may have waivers on some rules.
22. The Enforcer is exempt from 6, 10, 13, 14, 19.

1. An hour in the brig
2. A night in the brig
3. Walking the plank
4. Tied upside down to the mast
5. Dress up in the duck costume and sing the Baby Duck song.
6. Privy Duty

In other news

Why is there a rubber duck army behind us and how are they launching themselves against our boat? I mean.. it's not like they can do damage but we're gonna have to re-submerge if we want to get any frigging sleep.

Some credit to [personal profile] i_amnotunderage for the general idea!
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Gon and I figure since we never really got a qualified captain to apply (yes I mean you) we might as well just let everyone go for a week and see how they do best one gets the job. So we tossed everyone's name in a hat and we'll just switch out every Monday based on the drawing.

That means you have to be on our boat the week you were drawn. If new people show up we'll do another drawing for them later on and mix them in.

9/8: Oishi
9/15: Jacuzzi
9/22: Killua
9/29: Lambo
10/6: Ipin
10/13: Kaku
10/20: Claire
10/27: Hisoka
11/3: Lucci
11/10: Tohru
11/17: Eriol
11/24: Richard
12/1: Jyabura
12/8: Gon
12/15: Firo

The boat is mostly clean, Richard saved bits of the zombies in a plastic bag so unless you like the smell of rotting flesh I just don't suggest trying to attack our boat. He's been aiming for people's mouths and he's not half bad at it.
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That was awesomely fun. We definitely need a new boat now though. Oh yeah, I dunno if you can do anything with bear Tohru but there's one on the deck. I already cooked it a little. I hate the smell of burnt hair.

Oishi, I need some gauze.

Where's the dude with the pirate boat. If Hisoka gets here before you he gets my vote even if he'd be as bad as the kid.

How's your rib, Gon?
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What the hell people? You actually thought that was me? OBVIOUSLY I WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS AND THAT WAS A FRIGGING IMPOSTER! It WASN'T ME.

And what the hell, who let Richard grow a tree on our boat that rooted us in place?! I have to do EVERYTHING around here. See what happens when aliens are allowed to roam free? Now our boat's all messed up!

Which of you captain candidates has another boat? Otherwise we gotta ride Tsuna's to the next port so we can steal one.

Speaking of, did the aliens get the Vongola ship too?
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I feel guilty complaining but it's hot and Near won't let go and I still have dots on my face from sleeping on leggos. Firo stopped screaming and went to bed and won't come out. And the teapot we sold Eriol is following me around and singing "I'm a Little Teapot" until Gon kicks it and it starts singing "A spoon Full of Sugar" until the water inside cools then it's back to I'm a little teapot. And it steams and whistles really high pitched when it gets to 'When I get all steamed up hear me shout'. The whole boat is covered in flowers and Richard keeps yelling and trying to zap things and stomp the flowers. And he has to yell really loud because the Mast is still singing "Part of Your World" and it's loud. I think Eriol tried to chop it down the other day and it got mad. I think Hisoka's just watching from a distance. And Jacuzzi's crying.

Claire looks like a girl and he keeps trying to take my stuff and put it in his cleavage. I'm having nightmares about flying badgers... Oishi walks around looking guilty and trying to take Gon away. I think he's been crying.

And someone stole my skateboard.

We found Mr. Dino and Mr. Tsuna's ship this morning but I'm too shy to go over and they'll probably hate us because everything's insane right now.

And Gon is grumpy. :(
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