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Log: Akito tunes Killua's skateboard - Complete!

Who: Killua, Akito/gito
What: Tuning the skateboard motor
When: Tonight I guess
Where: SDII

Killua gave an annoyed sigh and shoved his hands in his pockets, walking down toward that freakshow's room. Sometimes he wondered what other mental issues the kid had. When had Killua ever said he'd forgiven him. He didn't have the patience to keep correcting him though and he was generally kind of grumpy. He stopped in front of the door and stared at it for a few minutes. Finally, kind of hoping the kid wasn't there, he tapped the door with his foot to knock. "Hey."

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Akito turned around, looking towards the door.
“I am starting to feel nervous…” he commented to Agito.
Agito was mad, so he didn’t responded, he was completely against Akito tuning Killua’s engine, not only because Killua would get stronger, but also because of the process that implied him tuning it.
“Well, I guess I should open the door… Wish me luck Agito…”
He opened the door, seeing Killua, he gave his best polite smile.
“Welcome, come in…”

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Akito looked to Killua, not knowing why the other guy was asking that.
“Why would I need that?” he asked, closing the door.
He then though that Killua was doubting his abilities has a tuner.
“I… might not look like it… but I am a fine tuner… You can trust me on tuning your skate board! You will faster than you ever thought it was possible.”

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He looked towards Killua, amazed with the lack of knowledge.
“… That’s not real tuning! It’s not just about the pressure and weight, you have to know the body, the muscles, the energy, the bones… The key of bringing the best from your body and multiply your capacities with the engine.
If you fail at finding that exact balance, you will either break the machine or break your body.”
He notices that he had talked with way too much enthusiasm and blushes.
“Sorry… it’s not like you wanted all that information…”

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“Nen? What’s nen?”
He looks towards the bed, thinking if Killua would prefer to be sit down or laid down.
“Well, in order to know your body I’ll need… for you to take your cloths off… and be relaxed…”

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He calmly explained again.
“I need for you to take your cloths and be as relaxed as possible in order for me to learn about your body…”
He heard Agito inside him (not saying this on the outside)
“He thinks that you are going to fucking rape him…”
Akito laughs slightly.
“He cannot honestly be thinking that Agito. Mello-san is the only guy for me. This is just a job.”
Akito realizes to late that he had replied to Agito outloud.

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Akito gave a sigh, he didn’t expected to have to explain everything to Killua.
“Okay… better to explain the process then…”
He took a deep breath.
“The engines on our roller blades aren’t normal, as you noticed the last battle, it gives us not only speed but Agito has a full control over the directions and the wind.
That is power, is due because I custom made the gear, it works like it was a part of his body, and that is, the roller blade produces the same sound as Agito at the same rhythm… Giving him the full control that way, and at the same time allows him to control the engine like an extension of his own body also… That’s why he is able to attack you using the wind…”
“Don’t you fucking go around explain how my fucking attack works!!” Agito shouted inside him, making him stop a little.
“Well… It’s not like you cannot use the skate with the engine without my tuning… But it will kind of hurt my pride as a tuner to give you a third rate job as a gift…”

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“Well, it’s more than knowing your heartbeat, I want to know your body, like his limits, so that I don’t create something that breaks at your first try and doesn’t break your body also. For that I actually need to touch your skin with my own and memorize your body in me. And that way produce the best synchronization of the engine to your body…
I am sorry for not explaining further the way our wind attacks works… Agito would be mad… But… if you feel really uncomfortable… how about leaving the underwear on? I really need you relaxed in order to make the tuning work.”

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“Exactly what I said, I’ll undress myself and touch your body, and concentrate on hearing and feeling you.” He becomes serious “And with that information create the best engine to your body…”
Akito says it innocently, not understanding why Killua was having such a hard time understanding it.
“It’s not like I am interested in your body in any way, but as I said, leaving the engine in a standard will be a waste, and you won’t get close to the effect that we get from our rollerblades… but if you get happy with that, as much as it hurts my pride… I cannot tune the engine to your body without at least hearing your body a little, and for that I need to touch you.”

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Akito still doesn’t understand why Killua is making such a big issue, although he admitted the process was awkward. The results would be remarkable.
But suddenly, his hand switches the patch to his other eye, showing a really angry Agito.
“You fucking idiot!!! What the hell are you fucking thinking!! He is only fucking touching you!! He is not fucking having… anything more!!! I wouldn’t fucking allow that!!! It’s fucking disturbing already that he is fucking touching you!!!”
Agito takes a deep breath, passing the eye patch to Akito again.
“Was this… the misunderstanding?” He asks, slightly blushing “I-I thought I had already explained that I… only love… Mello-san… that way…”

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“I am sorry… since it was the first time explaining the process… I never tuned anyone besides Agito, so… I never had to explain myself to another one before…”
He get’s really red with the misunderstanding, thinking about what it had looked like he looks to the floor, getting as red as a tomato.
“Just… the shirt of… would be enough for me to have… a clue… if you would allow…” he mumbled, still too embarrassed to actually look into Killua’s face.

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"Yes" he smiles politely, still with his cheeks slightly red.

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Akito smiles.
“Of course, as I said before, I cannot tune properly if you aren’t confortable.”
He takes his shirt also.
“Make yourself as relaxed as possible… feel free to stand, sit or lay in bed…”

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