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Originally wrote this in character but then realized she wouldn't actually post this stuff up for everyone to see, she'd have a meeting between the two crews. Tsuna, assume you were at least THERE even if you didn't give much input. XD Mostly I assume it was Reborn and Ipin planning this.

Use this post to make suggestions, plan things out with the people you'll involve yourself with. If you want a fair -unbiased- result I suggest again using dice: here or here. If you want to throw one die each you both put in 1d6 rolled once. If one person wants to roll for both of you and the other just claim first or second die, then it's 2d6 for one roll.


These are not set in stone these are just Ipin's PLANS she will be busy during the exercise and unable to FORCE people to go where she's said.

Tsuna as you know, Mr. Reborn has asked me to leave Xanxus to you during the operation. Although Gon will back you up.

Mr. Yamamoto will be asked to seek out Squalo and apply his training to keep Squalo occupied for the duration of the operation. Should he need assistance, Lal Mirch will back him up.

If Miss Chrome has not returned to our ship in time to join the fight, Killua and Akito will deal with Mammon. Otherwise Chrome will be fighting Mammon with Ken and Chikusa as backup. Killua and Agito will be floats. (With emphasis on Killua keeping Akito in check)

Belphegor will be left to Mr. Gokudera. Colennello will be your backup.

Jyabura will be fighting with Mr. Lussuria. Fujiko is your backup.

America is assigned dealing with the threat of Mello. Mr. Ianto may back him up if he chooses to stay out the week.

Mr. Spanner is to find some manner of keeping Achillies (the liger) occupied should he try to fight any of our crew.

I'll deal with Mr. Matt. Lambo is a float, to help where necessary, although he'll be my assistant until a need arises.

It is currently assumed that Kuroyanagi, Sunako and Kamiyama are non-combatant. If they choose to engage, Nanami should break from her requested activity to lend her support. Mr. Ryouga can back her up if he'd like to join in.

Mr. Reborn has requested to observe, although I am asking him to back Miss Nanami up should the need arise.

Ipin hasn't gotten a good feel for Mashiro but if Mashiro requests it, she can join in the fight against Belphegor.
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Yay! Sounds fun. Backup ftw.

Also Fujiko needs at some point to ask to sort-of halfway join (but unless it's a rule she's ok with not being captain)

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Does she want to join? I thought she didn't want to tie herself down. XD But if she joins she gets into the rotation.

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So like, I already totally told you this but Squalo is definitely gonna use some super sneaky assassin ninja skills to get to Akito before Yamamoto and Lal find him. Uses the mystic powers of the onichan~

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I just had this awful image of Kamiyama fighting XD

So, no, he won't fight.
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Chrome - I've already told Liz and Athena this. Chrome will make a public post (either tonight or tomorrow the latest) stating that she will not participate in this. However, Reborn will go retrieve her secretly, so she will be there on the day of. I highly doubt that Ken and Chikusa will be there to back her up. She is really on her own.

Mashiro - This lazy ditz? She could care less. Since this does not concerns her, she will do her own thing and chill with whoever. If a particular fight interest her, she'll whip out some popcorn and watch.

She will only participate if she gets attacked, even if it is only an accident. So any takers for any accidents or not?

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That means Killua and Agito are still your backup although if Squalo gets his way, he may end up fighting Agito and Squalo instead so Reborn might have to pick up the slack.

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If you'd like, Bel and Greenie can fight. XD That'd be amusing. Although :| I've never read Bleach, so you might be better off with someone who'd know what to expect from Mashiro.

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Was hoping for a freak-out post from Tsuna about people not being there the night before!!! XD. Other than that, Reborn is ready to support as needed. Unless anyone wants secret deals, lol.

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Poland will ride a horse!

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pfft. sorry about being late in replying. I was being lame as usual. |D

Anyway, I like the line up and I'm looking forward to them.

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And when exactly are we doing this exercise?

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sdfdklsd THIS ALL SOUNDS AWESOME and yes, Tsuna will complain about people :'[

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You'll want to get in contact with Xanxus since he'll be gone on Thursday. I'll make Gon get online today to help you guys figure out what happened.

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Well... I'm really happy with anything Squalo and Yamamato end up doing. I'll poke you guys on IM when I'm done with work. As long as Lal can get in some centipede action, then I'm all set. ♥

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All this sounds good to me. :3

Except.... hang on, it's a little confusing since Yamamoto and Gokudera are part of the Varia crew at the moment. But I suppose it makes sense they'd be on the Vongola's side as opposed to the Varia's side. :D

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Squalo will use his super sensei powers to get Yamamoto to fight on the Varia side~*


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I've spoken to Robin, and Gokudera is going to just have changed back to his normal personality, so he doesn't have his dynamite on him because his personality-switched self didn't carry it around. And Bel was on his way back from the shower, so he doesn't have his knives. (He's just in his crown and a towel.)

Then the announcer will come on and be like, "BATTLE COMMENCE."

And commence it does. Gokudera and Bel are both ranged fighters so they're like "..." and somehow find themselves in the kitchen!


He throws it, much like you'd expect a frisbee to be thrown.

And Gokudera is like "Are you fucking serious?!" and then picks up a pie and throws it back (not like a frisbee).

And their pie-battle commences!

Eventually the two combatants grab pies and are roaming the ship, ending up at the deck.

Belphegor jumps to throw a pie, and Gokudera ducks do dodge, but sees something he doesn't want to in the process. This momentarily distracts Gokudera, and he gets a pie to the face. The pie tilts him off balance and he falls back into the water.

(HERE IS WHERE WE NEED INPUT FROM COLONELLO. We were thinking Colonello could show up here and try to get Gokudera out of the water, and Mashiro could start fighting with Bel.)

Mashiro battles Bel as Gokudera is pulled out of the water, and then it's three against one!

The battle shifts below deck.

Gokudera prepares to enter the fray, standing beside a door Bel's going to run through. Gokudera holds out the pie and clothes-lines creams Belphegor with a banana cream.

And Bel is desperately trying to get it out of his face, and Mashiro and Gokudera and Colonello are all preparing to attack...


And they're all like, "OH GOD" (ONCE AGAIN, WE NEED INPUT FROM COLONELLO!) Gokudera would recoils and makes his usual grossed out face, except with a hint more disgust and then gtfo. Mashiro flees as well. (And does Colonello too?)

And when Bel gets it out of his face, he sees the empty hallway (still covered in cream as signs of the battle) and grins, laughing as he declares, "THE PRINCE HAS WON."

... and that will be that battle. (Unless Mangoko wants to change anything. :3)


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can't believe you even quoted me, Loki-poo.

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This is a very irresponsible mun coming here to talk about how Matt will be a pussy and probably will try to not fight ipin~

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LOL even if she attacks huh? Maybe she should take him hostage or something.

Mammon & Chrome's Fight

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Mammon and Chrome will have a very intense figh and both will bear heavy damage. Thanks to dice rolling, Chrome wins (10/12 damage), and Mammon is on the verge of death (11/12 damage).

How Chrome wins: Mammon gets a nosebleed seeing Bel naked somehow. Chrome hits him with the trident makes him bleed more and wins.

Mammon gets knocked out. Chrome faints too due to fatigue. The end.

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Poland pulls up a chair and watches while eating and sharing snacks.

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That's what Mashiro will be doing until she gets hit with a pie.

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omg, this is so delayed, but if anyone needs Reborn to pop in, please let me know. He'll be the one bringing Chrome back - probably barely a few moments before everything is scheduled to start.

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Also I think he needs an injury. Any volunteers/ideas?

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uses 25 icon just 'cause it's sexay.

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Soooo the rundown seems to be like this for the most part.

Xanxus > Tsuna/Gon
Squalo > Yamamoto/Lal
Mammon < Chrome
Bel > Gokudera/Col/Mashiro
Lussuria < The pervy couple (lol)
Mello = America (funniest draw EVER)
Matt < Ipin
Spanner and Achilles wasn't really a fight...although clearly Achilles would've won. Ahem. lol.

so it's tied basically. darn that mello & america. 3 varia, 3 sdc/vongola.

rematch? ;D

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Pervy couple :( :| :D

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Okay totally didn't expect to be the one to post it but on a really vague note so that people can check back for reference.

Jyabura got EXTREMELY wounded (6/6), Fujiko didn't do so hot (5/6) but Lussuria still lost (3). From a Fujiko perspective, she didn't want to give away that she knows martial arts as it's literally her bare bottom of the battle back-up that she never informs anyone of in the series, just uses to their surprise. So she basically just hopped around practicing soru and flicking Lussuria's ears as a distraction but she took some pretty bad hits practicing tekkai (she decided not to dodge because she's an idiot) which made Jyabura mad which is why he took a bunch of damage or something.

The rest everyone else can work out~