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caffinatekillua ([personal profile] caffinatekillua) wrote2009-04-23 10:45 pm

Pool x Girl x Where are you?

GON! Why's some weird chick in our room?

Also your pool's gone you gotta refresh it or something.


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That wasn't exactly a reliable pool.

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I probably should have just taken the two of you up on that offer. Particularly since I didn't see Ging when I came over earlier.

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No, I'm afraid I can't run on sugar and hilarity anymore. Too often it's tension and anxiety that gets me through the night.
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There's some weird chick in his room?

Damn it! I didn't even get to use the pool!
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... the chick in his icon below?
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Weird. Did he turn into a master of illusions?

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There's no weird chick in our room.

I don't think I can, I don't think I'm magical anymore.

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I dunno, that's just how they're coming up.

Oh and Ging's gone too, but at least Nanami-san has her big brother now, she seemed very happy.

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...A weird chick?

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Oh!! That's George! ...Kind of.

It's her...disguise or whatever. She lost it during this weird mix-up.

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Oh, do we have a visitor?

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Oh, goodness, has he been hexed? That is not good at all! Witches can be very tricky, after all!