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Who Reborn and Killua
What Just eating lunch and chatting
When Sometime around when Nanami was learning to cook and Bianchi had just shown up
Where SDII

Killua bit into a spoon full of pot pie and made a pleased noise, settling like a contented cat, his eyelids drooping and face pleasantly at home. Some things about being stuck out here were all right. He glanced up as people walked in sometimes but now he felt warm and mellow like he could curl into a ball and fall asleep.

There were definitely some things a man should not be forced to suffer, even in light of the fact that he had more or less brought this on himself. (Though if he were being perfectly honest, Nanami's cooking had actually gotten marginally more edible over the past week, if only in comparison to Bianchi's. Perhaps the competition had inspired her - frankly, he'd take what he could get.) Which was why he was currently strolling the decks of the Sweet Death. He wasn't starving, by any means, but the food he'd ordered from Hong Kong had been a while ago...

Killua glanced up and saw Reborn. Who happened to be taller now. Looking kinda hungry. "Oi, Reborn. You should try the pot pie... it's sooooo yummy." he took another bite and grinned lopsidedly at the man looking goofy. "I want to hire Giselle full time to follow me around and make pot pie..."

"I certainly wouldn't be averse to eating some, if you wouldn't mind," he said smoothly, sitting down at the table. "Your face is going to freeze that way," he teased as he got himself a serving of the flaky pastry.

Killua gave Reborn a lazy smile and stuck the spoon in his mouth. He nearly purred. If she made something chocolate for dessert he'd be in heaven. "It'd be worth it." He decided. "What're you up to?"

He ignored Killua briefly to take his own bite of the pie; he wasn't quite so extravagant in his reaction, but it was clear from the slight widening of his eyes that he approved, and was surprised that he approved. "Staying out of the way, mostly," he laughed, once he'd swallowed. "It's an interesting situation."

Killua laughed and pointed his spoon at Reborn rudely. "You got too many chicks on your ship is your problem."

Reborn took another bite; there wasn't anything different about his action, but he managed to make it seem quite pointed. "Perhaps."

Killua took another bite and looked thoughful. "When they all get together they get catty. Bad enough one on one. Girls are a pain in the butt man." he apparently was relaxed enough to miss Reborn's pointedness or was purposely being obtuse.

He raised an eyebrow. "Didn't Giselle make this pie?"

Killua got doe eyed again for a moment. "Yeah..." he looked surprised. "She doesn't count. Well yeah even she can get annoying but the food is worth it."

Reborn shrugged. "They have their uses. And you," he tapped Killua on the forehead with one finger, "don't know how to deal with them.

Killua crossed his eyes and looked at where he'd been poked. "It's so much trouble and they aren't logical at all. And they like stupid stuff like pink and dresses and true love and all that crap. Too much work."

"Very few things that are worth having come easily," Reborn said, taking another bite of the pie.

"You sound all zen master man. You like all that girly stuff?" He took a drink of milk, ended up with a milk mustache and made a face. "I like fighting and chasing after Gon's dad and stuff."

"Who says they're mutually exclusive?" He was almost done with the pie by this time, and waited until Killua was taking another drink of milk before he said, very obviously teasingly, "Perhaps you've just never found the right one."

Killua spit the milk back into the cup in disgust. "You're kidding." He looked at reborn as though he'd grown another head. "YOU ARE. Dammit. Don't freak me out."

Still continuing with the teasing, even as he picks up his plate and brings it to the sink, "Well, you never know, do you."

Killua frowned. "I've met a few decent girls I suppose. But not many."

"I'm really not surprised," Reborn laughed as he rinsed his plate. "But you have more than enough time to do what you want to do."

Killua finished the last of his lunch and grinned. "Yep. Gon and I have a lot to take care of." He stretched and turned on the bench to watch Reborn. "Well if you need a break from the hen-house, we're not far away."

"Thanks for the offer," he said, almost ironically. "Though you have your own little set of problems."

Killua laughed. "Yeah that's true too." He rocked back a little. "We don't usually stay in one place long enough to catch all this drama." He clearly liked adding to it though when he could.

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