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ooc: Log

Who: Killua and Reborn
What: Training + politeness transfer
Where: Vongola Ship
When: Saturday night after the party
other Yeah I know most people are getting their powers back, so uh... if you magically want your politeness back Killua will give it to you in a heartbeat. Ipin has whatever Fujiko had when she gave the gun ability back last night(apparently Japan's love of 2d) and is still looking for her Kung Fu. Reborn got Giselle's singing, reply to him in comments if you want it back Giselle ♥ (most of these are pending logs finish from other people from Saturday so if you're like WAIT I HAVE THAT BRAT! XD sorry!)

Killua had made the short trip over to the Vongola ship, mostly just to see Tsuna with memory loss. He climbed the ladder and hopped over the railing looking around. No one was on deck. He wondered if he could freak anyone out by sneaking up on them. A slow grin spread across his face and he let his body fade to shadow, moving quietly along the deck, just looking for a victim.

Reborn was in the kitchen, almost grimly clutching a cup of espresso, drinking it down straight, no add-ons. But he heard a sound and puts the cup down with an audible click, walking up to the deck.

Killua could actually feel someone getting closer. He slid back against the wall and his eyes shifted sideways toward the door, dropping down to a knee and breathing out once in anticipation.

He can move very quietly when he puts his mind to it, but it was mostly luck that had him taking the set of steps that happened to be behind Killua. Not that he could see him, but there were only so many people who might be interested in reaching the boat and possessed the ability to disappear so completely from view. He picked a likely patch of shadow and reached out an arm - at shoulder height at first, but since Killua's ability relied on him staying in the shadow, he was most likely a little lower down...

It felt like someone was close and their aura had dimmed down. Crap someone knew he was there. It wasn't until he felt the brush against his hair that he realized Reborn was behind him. He nearly fell over at the touch. "Aww man." He let his nen flow freely again, and frowned up at Reborn. "How'd you know I was here?" It was totally a whine.

"Process of elimination," Reborn said. "There are only so many people who can do that; which makes it very obvious once you know it's there." A pause and then, with the impression that it might have been coming out just a bit begrudgingly, "Would you like to have some tea? Coffee?"

Killua shoved his hands in his pockets and stood up. Well that idea was shot. "I'll take hot chocolate if you have it." Never one to pass up chocolate of any sort. "I heard Tsuna was back." He offered idly.

Reborn frowned as he led them down to the kitchen. "He is, but he's sleeping," he said, unable to keep the slight concern out of his voice, even while he busied himself preparing Killua's hot chocolate; he started by heating the milk on the stove.

Killua leaned back against the counter, resting his elbows on it and glancing sideways as Reborn worked. "Dang." he grinned though. "I'll talk to him later probably."

Reborn shifted away to pull out a container of chocolate, which he chopped up efficiently, as if he did this every day. "You shouldn't bother him if he's tired," he said as he added the chocolate to the just-below-boiling hot milk, stirring it until the color was uniform.

Killua was watching the chocolate so intently he didn't hear at first. Then he stopped and stared at Reborn. "Did... did you just say I shouldn't bother him if he's tired?"

Reborn rolled his eyes, and went into the refrigerator to pull out the whipped cream. "Yes, I did. I would've thought that'd be obvious." He poured the hot chocolate into a mug and added a dollop of the cream. Before Killua could grab it, he sprinkled a bit of cinnamon over it, added a dash of vanilla and set a spoon next to it. "Enjoy."

Killua missed the eyeroll because now he was laughing. "Woah ok Mom." he lit up at the chocolate though. First sip left a mustache on his upper lip. "Woah, you don't just sound like Martha Stewart, you make awesome hot chocolate like her too!"

"I think if she ever had you as a guest she would have been rather put out," Reborn said shortly, picking up his espresso and taking a sip. He made a face; it had gotten cold.

Killua had no idea he was actually starting to irritate Reborn. He laughed thinking Reborn was amused with him like usual. "Haha can you imagine? I wonder if I could get make her head implode."

"And I know for a fact you put your mother through rather a lot of grief, to say nothing of Martha Stewart. She's not biologically wired to have to put up with you." He dumped the espresso out and went to make another batch. "Anything else I can get you?"

Killua gave Reborn an odd look. "My mom's messed up man. She's a royal pain in the butt." He made his voice go up a pitch imitating his crazy mother. "Killua, that cold glare is so wonderful! Killua you can't leave! Killua!" He rolled his eyes and sipped the chocolate. "Nah, Giselle made this really rich cheesecake and I'm stuffed. Thanks man. Did you know Martha's like super old? I think she's got nen though because she's ridiculous good at getting crap done. Knowing her she'd be like that Gorilla lady that operates the elevators at the sky arena. Just whale on you for no good reason at all."

Why wasn't the coffee done. Reborn had a headache. "That sounds fascinating, Killua," he said, the tone almost perfectly genuine and interested. "Wasn't that other teacher of yours similar? Bisuke?"

Killua made a face. "Yeah Biscut, and she totally faked being all innocent and cute too. But I guess she was pretty useful. She just got upset randomly. I think it's a girl thing." he gave Reborn a conspiratorial look. "You know what I mean?" He shook his head. "She was pretty badass though. Still think her getting all creepy about Hisoka was gross but whatever floats her boat I guess, long as she keeps Hisoka's attention off us I'm cool with it." He looked at Reborn idly. "You feeling all right man, you look kinda sick."

"I suppose girls do do things like that," he said, a little tiredly, but the espresso was done, which was wonderful. He poured himself a mug and took a sip, stifling a sigh of relief. "And I'm fine, Killua."

Killua looked baffled. "Like get creepy over Hisoka? Oh you mean like randomly getting ticked off. She sure packed a punch." He rubbed his jaw just remembering. "You sure?"

He actually smiled at that; when he wasn't fighting off exhaustion and a tension headache, Killua could be good company. In small doses. "They are surprisingly resilient at times," he agreed. "It really doesn't do to underestimate what they can do. And yes, Killua, I'm basically fine."

Killua took the smile as proof Reborn was ok. It seemed genuine enough. "Most of them are totally useless though." He said with a shrug. "I'm glad I'm a guy man, I'd kill myself if I talked about how cute everything was and wore dumb frilly dresses or freaked out over little crap." He grinned at Reborn. "I'm pretty good about taking care of myself."

"You know that really isn't all they talk about, don't you?" He said, holding the espresso up a bit like a shield. "But you are good at taking care of yourself."

"They sure act like it." Killua looked stubborn about it. "Giselle SINGS too. And talks about true love." he rolled his eyes. "But she cooks good so I guess I don't mind it so much. She's just kinda crazy." He grinned at Reborn, looking a bit vindicated. "I know right?"

"Yes," he said; he was honest when it was needed, after all, and in this situation, if he lied there was always the chance that he'd forget exactly what he said. A small chance, but it was there nonetheless. He gulped down another swallow of the hot, bitter coffee. "You're not busy now?" He asked.

Killua shrugged idly. "Not really. Gon is helping Lambo build a fort out of toilet paper rolls. So I figured I'd come say hi to Tsuna. What happened to him anyway?"

"Survival training," Reborn answered, putting his empty down in the sink. "But if you're done with your chocolate, I thought we might want to see if you can't get a little mileage out of your shadow-walking."

Killua straightened up and handed his mug over to Reborn because he wasn't the type who would think about washing it himself. "Haha oh man, poor Tsuna. He do ok?" he looked curious. "Some mileage out of it? What did you have in mind?"

Reborn accepted Killua's cup with no change of expression and ran water into it to rinse before letting it sit in the sink. "He did tolerably well," he said, though his expression is the slightest bit prouder than that. "And I was thinking that since the major problem is that I can see where you're NOT, even though I feel your presence, and therefore I can also divine where you ARE..." He looked at Killua, his expression a bit challenging. "Would you like to see if we can change that?"

"Ho, he must have if you admit it." he grinned and then felt his excitement level rise as Reborn offered to instruct him. He did a little arm movement of 'yes!' "Hahah Gon'll be pissed I trained without him." Clearly he liked the idea of getting ahead. "Sure! Sounds awesome!"

"Would you like to go up on the deck?" he suggested, standing up. "There's more room there."

Killua walked forward before he even answered. "That makes sense to me. Not that I couldn't do it in a small space." His ego clearly ahead of himself.

"I might need the room," he pointed out, "and the larger the space the more of a challenge it will be," he explained as they walked up the stairs. "If there are too many objects around, you'll be able to hide, to pretend that you lie in the shadow of this or that piece of furniture. Far better to do it up on deck, where there's nothing to hide behind."

Killua grinned back at him. "All right all right." He hit the stairs first, moving up to the deck and looking around again. He pretty much knew it by now, all the objects around, he grinned to himself. He already had ideas. "Ready whenever you are." he turned to face Reborn, clearly anticipating this. His muscles twitched excitedly.

Reborn closed his eyes. "All right then, try to disappear from my view. See how long it takes me to find you."

Killua let his breath reduce, heartrate slow, covered his nen and stepped backward, moving off to the right, his steps quiet as a cat's paws. He slowed his step's down, to make any displacement of air practically non-existent. Oh yeah it had been a long time since he'd had to pull out all the stops on this technique.

Reborn had closed his eyes to hide his weariness, but it was also an advantage for Killua - he had no visualized starting point for where he might have disappeared. He opened them again now, glancing briefly around the deck. But...yes, right there, a very brief whisper, so faint it could be dismissed as imagination... He stepped forward quickly; Killua was handicapped by having to move slowly in this instance. A tap on his elbow. "Found you."

Killua pouted, and let most of his aura show up, but he was still hard to see. Like a wavering mirage. "Boo, let me try it again."

"One or the other, if you please, Killua," he said to Killua's little taunt. "Watching you shimmer in the air like that is just a bit unnerving." He stepped away and closed his eyes again...

Killua faded away again, and this time took off like a rocket, to give himself some space to lose Reborn. He zipped across the deck toward the helm, still quiet on his feet the displacement of air would be a giveaway but if he got far enough away.... he stopped by the helm and then back up toward the railing on the port side. This time he was prepared to move away from Reborn's touch more quickly.

Well, Killua obviously thought that distance would help in this instance, Reborn thought, his headache making itself known, but he forces a smile; after all, this was supposed to be fun. But it wouldn't do any good, since he knew Killua wouldn't be able to resist the challenge of coming a little bit closer...and then a little bit more...

Killua stopped moving for now and watched Reborn who was across the deck smiling. He had a little patience at least. His body stopped completely and he waited to see what Reborn would do.

No movement. "Interesting," he says under his breath, and takes a step forward (in the wrong direction). He shifts from side to side, searching for just a hint... And there, a spot behind him where the air shifts oddly, around some barrier, even if his attention slides off of it. He doesn't immediately go in that direction, instead weaving from side to side almost gracefully, lulling Killua into complacence.

Killua watched him, he adjusted a little, just to the side once or twice whenever Reborn looked another direction. He was probably feeling a little cocky at how long it was taking the other man to find him now.

Reborn stopped for a moment, just a few yards away, a put-upon expression of confusion on his face, and then, with very little warning, sprinted in Killua's direction, one hand already reaching out...

Killua took a few running steps to the side, staying out of Reborn's reach. Hoho that was SNEAKY. He dropped down into a crouch, muscles of his legs tensed to jump sideways again.

With a smooth, easy movement, Reborn changed direction, not in the direction Killua ran in, but in the direction that he is poised to spring into...

Killua was already mid spring when he realized Reborn had anticipated him. He twisted in midair trying to change direction but the best he could do was a faster drop to the deck.

Reborn took the single step forward necessary and he was close enough that Killua more or less dropped straight into his arms. "Caught you," he teased.

Killua landed first, and Reborn's extra weight winded him, popping him fully back into normal view. "Ugh. Dammit." He took a second to catch his breath and then wiggled a little trying to get out of Reborn's grip. He wouldn't have even registered that a power swap might have taken place although he'd be happy he wouldn't have to duct tape his mouth shut anymore when he figured it out.

Reborn released Killua, and quirked an eyebrow. "Ready to try again?"

Killua sat up and gave him a look. "How are you figuring me out?" He frowned trying to figure out what he was missing. "I swear I'm doing it perfectly." Maybe it was intuition. How could he fight against intuition?

"You did very well that time," Reborn agreed. "The problem is that you stayed still for too long." He thought a moment. "Part of the ability to disappear from view is to tamp down on your own energy as well, correct? For those who can read it, that absence can be very telling, especially if it moves too fast, or stays too still." He grinned. "How good are you at projecting?"

Killua frowns and thinks for a moment. Luckily he's actually very good about emitting. Not just emitting but ACCURATELY emitting on the spur of the moment perfect percentages. It was how they beat Razor. He stood, brushed himself off. "Let me try."

Reborn nodded and backed off. "Just read the environment accurately," he cautioned. "There are a lot of minute changes you have to make, and it won't work in bursts, you have to do it gradually, as if it were flowing naturally."

Killua smirked at Reborn, this was something he could handle. Reborn's expert direction was what he had to thank him for though. "Thank you." He blinked. That was odd. He shook his head. "Please let me know when you're ready and I'll start." he felt funny about that. It sounded weird. He was already backing away though. Fading from view still moving, this time a moderate rate and as the wind shifted he adjusted his nen, making up for displaced air with disturbing accuraccy.

Reborn noted the exact moment when Killua realized something was a amiss, but he had to admire him for the quick way he'd grasped the instructions - struggling for a moment with logistics - but soon Killua's energy had blended in absolutely perfectly and he couldn't be prouder of the accomplishment. But that really did bring up the WOULD someone counter this ability... But that was for another time, when his head didn't feel likely to explode. "I give up," he said with a teasing tone.

Killua released all his holds on nen and his body and hopped in a cheer. "Alright!!" He grinned at Reborn. "Thanks! I'm totally going to freak Gon out!!" He bounced over and shot a hand out at Reborn. "You were really helpful." He made a funny face. It was like he knew something was wrong but couldn't put his finger on it. It slid right out of his mind like someone's eyes would slide over him in his shadow state.

"Enjoy yourself, brat," Reborn said back. "You can make it up to me by coming back," when I'm not running on nothing but espresso and pride, "so I can see if there's any way I can counter this."

Killua laughed instead of being offended. "You bet. I'll practice just to make it extra hard." He turned knowing a dismissal when he heard it. "It was fun, thanks for playing!" He hopped the railing and landed below on the mini.

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