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CR chart - Genessia

Rima TouyaUnhelpful Girl

This is the unhelpful girl with no expressions who first spoke to him on the phone.


Bridget FrostheartGranny

She spoke to Killua on the phone and told him she was super old. Like dead for a long time old. He thinks she's either a big fat liar or really freaking old. Until he knows her name he's calling her Granny. She thinks he's cute. She said so. She's super judgey too.


Train HeartnetSucker

Killua thinks he is homeless. He stole Train's money and wouldn't give him any food.He is also friends with a pirate.


Professor OzpinBoring Hyperbolic Guy

Super easy to piss off. Takes himself way too seriously. Perfect target.



Just talked once.


Medieval Chick

He totally guessed she was from the past. Which he is very proud of.


Yuri NakamuraZombie Girl

Has a boyfriend who is also a pervert. She is ok with girls hitting him. She is not OK with guys hitting him. Which is a real drag. Also she talks a lot, about girly things like feeling bad about being someone else. He doesn't know because he kind of tuned it out. She can admit when she's wrong at least.


ToumaQuiz Failer

Touma paraphrased the pamphlet for him. But failed the quiz. That quiz that didn't exist. So far kind of a drag.


AngelSpunky little girl

She's got the right idea about adults.



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