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▷ First Impressions
▶ VISUAL: Killua is short, he's only thirteen so maybe 5' tall.  He has silver hair and cat-shaped eyes, he looks pretty harmless unless he's in assassin mode.  
▶ AURAL: His voice is young, and he sounds bored very often.  But he gets excited and his voice picks this up with enthusiasm.
▶ OLFACTORY: When fighting? Sweaty, with the burnt metal smell of electricity and the hard iron smell of blood. Not fighting?  Sweets, candy and chocolate.
▶ DEMEANOUR: Killua is playful, excitable and always looking for a way to have fun.  He tends to pick on people and gets bored easily.  When things get serious though he has focus and drive and he can think three steps ahead.
▷ IC Permissions
▶ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Eew no. Read: at your own risk 
▶ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Sure, but don't expect to come out of it in one piece. If it's playful he'll be playfully violent back 
▶ RELATIONSHIPS: Killua likes having someone to play around with.  I suppose it's possible he could have an interest in someone but he's thirteen so mostly no. 
▶ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: He has a little bit of immunity but only if he focuses completely.  Just chat with me first. 
▶ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Killua uses Nen which is like aura.  he can change his nen into electricity.  He can also reform his hand into a claw strong enough to break through ribs and rip out a heart.  He is ridiculously fast.  Think hitenmitsurugiryu.   Nen can also be used in several ways to manipulate things around you.
▶ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Immune to poisons 
▶ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Don't mess with his friends man. 
▷ OOC Permissions
▶ THREADHOPPING: Hell yes.  Also please let me know if you aren't ok with this from me. 
▶ FOURTHWALLING: Yes but he'll think you're weird. His family is famous in his world.
▶ ANYTHING ELSE? Killua will troll you.  Let me know if he gets too out of hand for you in an OOC way.  IC he won't care but I definitely don't want to step on toes.

Killua is 13 and he's definitely a troll.  He is a trained assassin and in a world of overpowered characters he holds his own. So be aware that he can be a little douchebag and extremely playful but he's also strong.  He's pretty good natured most of the time.

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